Dryer Vent Cleaning Bloomfield to Save over $300 per Year!

Dryer vent cleaning Bloomfield: Dryer vent cleaning should be performed annually to prevent dryer fires and to keep your dryer running efficiently. When a dryer vent system becomes clogged with lint, air flow is blocked, causing excessive heat build-up and eventually resulting in a fire. Poorly vented clothes dryers can increase energy bills by up to $300 per year. Overworked clothes dryers, as a result of clogged dryer ducts, are susceptible to pre-mature breakdown resulting in expensive appliance repair bills.

The Lint Screen

The lint screen catches about 60% of lint that is removed from your laundry as it dries. Clean the lint screen after EVERY load to promote maximum air flow. Wash the lint screen every few months with warm soapy water to remove residue build-up from dryer sheets. This is good care for in between annual dryer vent cleaning services.

Dryer Vent and Exhaust Duct Cleaning

If you begin to notice your dryer taking several cycles to properly dry a load of clothes then there is likely a blockage in the dryer vent system restricting air-flow. When lint is allowed to build up in the dryer ducts heat and moisture cannot escape the dryer drum; therefore, clothes do not dry. This is the most common indicator that dryer vent cleaning is necessary.

When the dryer is running, go outside and check the dryer vent to be sure air is escaping. If you do not see dryer exhaust air coming from the vent then there is a clog in the system. Dryer vent cleaning is necessary to remove lint build-up and to allow your clothes dryer to work efficiently.

It is best to have a professional dryer vent cleaning and dryer exhaust specialist do the job. The dryer exhaust duct will need to be disconnected from the back of the dryer and cleaned with special tools. The service technician will also clean inside the dryer. Lint is very messy and a lot of it gets past the lint screen and builds up inside the dryer and throughout the dryer exhaust system.

Some dryer exhaust ducts are short, straight and easy for the average homeowner to access and clean where others are longer and have areas that are difficult to reach. Remember, lint has no problem getting into these hard to reach areas and building up. A professional dryer vent cleaning technician has the necessary tools and expertise to perform the job.

Proper Maintenance

Dryer vent cleaning should be done at least once a year so that your clothes dryer is operating efficiently and safely. When a clothes dryer takes longer than usual to dry a load of laundry, this is a sign of lint build-up and reduced air-flow. Rarely does it mean that the clothes dryer is old and wearing out.

Annual dryer vent cleaning should be part of your appliance maintenance routine. Proper maintenance on appliances promotes safety and saves money on energy costs. It will also reduce the chance of mechanical break-down and prolong the life of your appliances.

Dryer vent cleaning can save over $300 per year in energy usage alone. Dryer vent cleaning extends dryer life and prevents mechanical problems, prevents fires and more. Save money and enjoy peace of mind…call the Wizard for a complete inspection of your dryer vent system.

John Moffat, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair and dryer vent installation for homes and businesses in Hartford, Tolland and Windham Counties, Hartford, Bloomfield, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Avon, Manchester, Windsor Locks, Enfield, Granby, Suffield, West Hartford, Bristol, Farmington, South Windsor, New Britain, Vernon Rockville, Ellington, Willington, Coventry, Andover, Amston, Mansfield Center, Woodstock Valley, Eastford, Thompson, Brooklyn, Hampton, Windham, Danielson, Plainfield Village, and neighboring cities and communities.

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